Sunday, 7 October 2012

Sunny Days

Let's start today with a song. Okay, not a particularly cheery sort of song. In fact, it's a downright curl up in the corner clutching your bottle of Prozac type of song. Ironically titled 'Sunny Days' this is a live rehearsal performance of a track from the Lol Robinson & Hazey Jane album 'Songs From Lucy's Cottage'. Featuring me, John Gilmour Smith, Cheryl Reid and Stevie Patrick - we were rehearsing for a live radio session and decided to film a few songs for posterity. Just as well as the radio gig got cancelled. Hmmm, maybe they saw the video. If you're wondering why everyone is so static, that's because we were standing on a chip-board platform that creaked alarmingly like a sinking ship if anyone so much as blinked.


  1. Cheers, Paul. Goes down well with Valium and Bombay Blue Sapphire gin I've found.